Frequently Asked Questions

We know you probably have a lot of are some of the most often asked questions with answers.


What is a Concierge Pediatric Medical Practice?

A Concierge Pediatric Medical Practice is a premium medical practice in which the physician devotes greater time to the patient’s individual needs. The practice emphasizes the highest quality healthcare as well as service and convenience, all designed to keep your child in optimum health.

How does it differ from a traditional practice?

In a traditional Pediatric practice doctors are responsible for many patients. In a Concierge Pediatric practice, the number of patients is limited to a vastly smaller total. This improves access to the doctor and gives your child more personalized care. Appointments can be scheduled same day or next day and the appointment times are longer so that medical issues can be addressed more thoroughly and ALL your questions can be answered.

What if I need care after hours?

Dr. Taylor-Cox is available 24/7 by cell phone, text or email should problems arise outside of normal business hours. Often after hours concerns can be easily addressed in this way. Should immediate attention be required, the doctor will arrange and coordinate the appropriate evaluation.

What if my child needs hospital services?

Dr. Taylor-Cox has privileges at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital and Texas Children’s Hospital should hospitalization be necessary, and she will coordinate all care involved during your stay. When specialty consultation is needed, she has access to the best sub-specialists in the area.

Does the practice provide preventive medical services?

Preventing disease is an important part of any wellness plan. This includes regularly scheduled well child check-ups and immunizations. Dr. Taylor-Cox can discuss, and help you implement, healthy lifestyle changes for your child that may reduce the risk for certain diseases that may run in your family.

What if my child needs to see a specialist?

Due to the complexities of today’s medical care, Dr. Taylor-Cox may recommend specialty assistance to manage your child’s healthcare. We will direct you to the best specialists in Houston and the greater Houston surrounding areas. Our office will facilitate the scheduling of these appointments.

What is the annual fee?

Annual Membership/Access fee is $1500/year per patient, however, there will be no annual fee for siblings after the first two children. Fees may be collected on an annual, semiannual or monthly basis.

What are the office visit fees?

Office visit fees are $150 for an initial new patient visit, $100 for Infant and Well Child check-ups (includes growth parameters, vital signs, complete history and physical exam, detailed developmental screening and age-appropriate vision and hearing) and $75 for Sick visits. After hours charges are $125 for weekend and holiday Sick visits. Imuunization fees can be provided upon request.

Are the annual and office visit fees covered by my insurance?

Traditional insurance does not cover the annual fee however, some Health Flex Accounts will allow you to use those dollars to cover the annual fee. For our office visit fees, at the time of visit, my office will provide you with the necessary documentation required by your insurance company enabling you to file for your direct reimbursement. We advise that you check with your insurance provider to determine your out-of-network physician fee and vaccination reimbursement schedule.

What role does my insurance play in a concierge practice?

Your insurance will be utilized for major medical charges such as laboratory tests, imaging (radiology) studies and when necessary, specialty care and hospitalizations.

I’d like to meet with the doctor to discuss whether this practice is right for me and my family. Is that possible?

Yes. You can schedule a complimentary meeting with Dr. Taylor-Cox to discuss the benefits of our pediatric concierge medical practice.

Have a question that was not listed?

Feel free to send us a message or call us at 281.496.7093.

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